RSVP emails not going out

I have setup 2 events with RSVP but no one has received the emails to RSVP.

I have setup other events with reminders and those are going out but not the RSVP emails. Is there a way to resend the RSVP emails?

Was there another problem with sending emails like there was in February?

@JeremyGrant1 - there are no RSVP emails. Only the reminder emails are sent. No bug

The RSVP is just a toggle feature of the event and does not nor has it ever sent out an RSVP independently.

If you have the RSVP option toggled on, when the reminder goes out from Scoutbook, the reminder reminds you to RSVP and includes a link to do so. You can set Scoutbook to send multiple reminders and you can turn the RSVP option off once your deadline date has arrived so that subsequent reminders to not include the RSVP link.

This is what scouts, parents, and leaders received when I had Scoutbook send out a reminder for our Court of Honor but had the RSVP option toggled on"

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@S.G - thanks for posting that. Appreciate it.

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You have to have both the reminder and rsvp set in order for them to send.

Thanks. We expected that if you set the RSVP that it would send out an email requesting the RSVP. Now I know that I need to set a reminder to get email to go out.

Correct. You can set reminders with RSVP, reminders only, or RSVP only.

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