Calendar Event description and RSVP link not emailing

When I send an event reminder through the IA calendar, the email received simply has time and date and a sign off from BSA. No description and no link to the event to RSVP. My parents think they are receiving something from national. Why is the description that I typed up and a link to the event not included in the email? RSVP is turned on in the event.

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This is a known issue with sending immediate reminders. Scheduled reminders are sending correctly. The developers are working on a fix but we do not know when it will be ready for release.

Using the Scoutbook calendar still would fix that. Why did we switch if this system isn’t ready?



The BSA needs to get off of the Scoutbook platform because it is unsupported and cannot scale further to meet the demands of units. The new calendar has been available for users to use for months with the plan being to switch to the new calendar when the number of issues dropped to a low number, which it had.

The developers are working on fixing new issues as fast as they can.

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Ok in the mean time, how do we send out an event that the Scouts and Parents can RSVP to?

Do we put the URL as a link?

I read through all the FAQs and I’m just not understanding how our Troop will know about an event short of me sending a message and hoping people reply to my message

@RebeccaClark - just schedule a reminder on the event. The ASAP one will miss all of the details.

I did schedule a reminder but the soonest it will be sent will be tomorrow…unless I’m doing something wrong???

@RebeccaClark - that is fine. I generally set meeting reminders for a week before, campouts get 60, 30 days out…

It’s not fine if I want the event to go out immediately. I ended up sending a message with the information and hopefully the reminders go out in the morning.

Scouts don’t understand some times that people need time to plan so when they send me the information for their eagle project that’s taking place in 6 days, I want the information out RIGHT NOW not tomorrow. (Yes, I told the scout multiple times to send me the information and I JUST got it)

@RebeccaClark - take it easy there… no need to go off on me

@edavignon I got a scheduled reminder with no event details. Is that a known issue or something on the list to enhance?

If it was sent as “Send Now”, yes it’s a known issue. Watch the change logs for when this gets fixed.

My bad. I thought it was a scheduled reminder but just figured out that our outings coordinator did actually push a “send now” reminder.

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I hope this bug is fixed soon.

In the mean time - the old Scoutbook calendar had choices like “send in 1 hour” while the new system is XYZ hours before event. I have calculated that the soonest I can send a scheduled reminder is 113 hours before the event. It would be nice to have the “in 1 hour” option back while this bug exists. For a second event I calculated 259 hours before the event. I miss the “in 1 hour” approach.

Update: the 113 hours before didn’t work. It flipped to saying “this time is in the past” a few minutes ago and no email was received.

Second update: the email was received. Previous system, a “send now” would take about 10 seconds to arrive. This email sent at 11:30pm arrived at 11:45 so 15 minutes after the send time.

Hi Event Reminder duplication when sent as ASAP


That was not an option in the old system. It was send now or X hours/days before the event. You can still see it in the legacy calendar. There’s a link at the bottom of the new calendar.

Thanks for reporting this. I had just told the developers about this last night. It seems like it’s listed once for each person it is sent to.

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RSVP type issue.

Event is created on calender and when editing a previously created event
RSVP defaults to
events.CreateEventForm.sendToRSVPYes (option 1) even though
events.CreateEventForm.sendToRSVPYesNMaybe(option 2)
was selected when creating the event.


Also worth noting is that the formatting in the event details does not stick, this applies to font formatting and also including URL’s. I have a bunch of events that appear similar to your screenshots below, total waste of time formatting it all only to see it turn to garbage format once I hit save.


This is a known issue.