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In the Aug 23 Feature Assistant Change log is says that the RSVP report has been removed because it is now native in Scoutbook. Where can it be found? I am trying to print an RSVP list for an event that was added before this change and I cannot find it.

had to look for this - do Attendance Report - then by the event name click the RSVP - not sure it is working correctly though - I only see Adult names and the numbers are off for me

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 8.04.31 AM the

Confirmed that the RSVP report isn’t working correctly.

I will apologize ahead of time - I am fairly new to Scoutbook. When I click on Attendance Report through Troop Reports, I do not get the list that is showing in your picture. I get a bunch of drop down menus for filters. Where do I find what you are displaying? Thanks for your help!

@MarkClemente you put in the variables you need in the drop downs and then click Run

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