RSVP Report for event isn't working

I am able to see the event on the calendar with the new IA system. I can also RSVP for myself and my scout. The RSVP report doesn’t appear to work though, and we’d like to see which scouts in his patrol are attending the event.

After clicking on RSVP report, I get this error:

The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)

ref: PD-20240417215439-657675-944726

My event id is 5507617.


As a parent you should be able to see who has RSVPed via the calendar.

The RSVP report, because it contains PII is restricted to certain leaders.

Thanks for the quick response!

Via the calendar, I see the link to the old Scoutbook calendar which shows all attendees. I’m not sure how to see a list on the new calendar though.

The permissions issue makes more sense to me, but I wish the error code would make that clear.

We have requested that the error message be changed to something more useful.

There should be a section called invitees/attendees. You expand the different categories of invitees to see their rsvp status.

@DanielTalaber - here is what to look for with the invitees/rsvp


I am an Asst Leader and for my Android phone I dont get the little “Greater then” symbols in order to click on them and actually see the list of Adults or Youths who RSVP. All i see are the numbers with no symbol next to Adults or Youths whatsoever. and when I hit RSVP report I only get this error code ref: PD-20240422190238-992619-261730

It also does the same when on my laptop so its not an iphone/andriod issue. Last meeting I compared with other parents and they did get those symbols and the ability to see exactly who RSVP.

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