RSVP Report doesn't give accurate count of adults

If you have both leaders and parents going on campouts, the RSVP report doesn’t give an accurate adult count. I think it is excluding the leaders in the final count.of “Total Adults.” It counts parents correctly, but doesn’t include parent leaders.

@GoodloeWhite can you copy and paste the url from the incorrect report so I can send to the developers?

RSVP Report (

@GoodloeWhite try again later tonight. An update is being released that should fix this.

It’s still not calculating the right number of parents. I see 6 parents and 1 leader (who is also a parent).

@GoodloeWhite just to be clear, a leader, that is also a parent, is in the parents (invited) count on the updated report?

Is this in the yes, no, or maybe column?

What position is this leader that is also a parent (if you can tell)?

The way the report should now work, if a parent is also a leader, then the count for that person should only be in the “leader” count and not the “parents (invited)” count. Hopefully, the adults (total) count should be correct.

Also, can you attach a link to this new report for further troubleshooting by the developers?


It looks like total Adults is Parents (invited) + leaders. For the event I’m looking at, I have 7 parents that have RSVPd yes, so I assume that means they are invited. One of the parents is a leader in the troop (myself). (Other parents are merit badge counselors who don’t show as leaders.)

Scoutbook shows 5 Parents, 1 Leader and 6 Adults. It appears that not all the parents have been counted.

Can I send you screen shots securely?

I’ll start a private message for you

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