Parents not showing as Yes on RSVP Report if scout is not also Yes

Not posting images for privacy reasons. We have a Silver Spoon event coming up. I set invitees to scouts and Leaders but there are a few parents who have emailed to say that they’re coming.

I have edited the event to add them as an invitee, then flipped their RSVP status to Yes. They were not showing up until I manually changed one Scout to yes, then their parent (who is not a leader) showed up on the RSVP report.

One of our Scoutmasters was so frustrated by Scoutbook that he wrote a complete system for doing RSVPs. His sons have aged out of Scouts and I’m trying to get the troop back on Scoutbook.

Maybe the RSVP report should flag this situation (parent going, scout not or maybe) but it shouldn’t omit the parent entirely.

In an ideal world, the parent would RSVP for their scout, email me that they’re coming, and I’ll add them manually. I’m choosing to have the parents email because if I add them to the list of invitees and send out a reminder it will go out to the whole troop again. If there’s a way to just address the added parents, that would be great. But I don’t think there is.

I want to keep communications with parents brief, clear, and rare. Hopefully that will reduce “email blindness” that so many of us have.

I’m not seeing the behavior that I think you are describing. Is the Yes rsvp for the adult sticking on the event page?

OK, I’m now seeing it working properly. Could there have been some caching going on behinds the scenes? I tested it for about 15 minutes and the problem kept reproducing.

Thank you for testing it.

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