School Selection

When selecting a scout’s school in the dropdown under their profile, you must figure out the correct naming of that school in the database and there is no consistency. We have scouts at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, but it’s listed as “OUR LADY OF MT CARMEL SCHOOL, 18901, PA , DOYLESTOWN” with “MT” instead of “Mount” and others at “GWYNEDD MERCY ACADEMY EL DIVISION, 19477, PA , SPRING HOUSE” and another at “LENAPE MS, 18901, PA , Doylestown” which all have different naming mechanisms. Gwynedd Mercy Academy is showing on one scout as just “GMA ELEMENTARY” which is way different and not even the name of the school spelled out.

What would be ideal is if you can SEARCH BASED ON A ZIP CODE OR TOWN and it show a list of all of the schools so that you don’t need to type the name of the school exactly as it is in the database.

I have reported this before and it is in their backlog.

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I saw posts about the name list, but not anything about searching by the town that populates behind the school name and all topics were already locked to add any comment to them so I created a new one.

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