Scoutbook API Key?

Hey there, was considering making a separate front end for scoutbook but of course I’d still like to have the data sync’d back into scoutbook to keep the upstream systems happy. Is there an option to integrate with an API key?

–C John Klehm

That is not something IT will allow

Could I discuss it with someone I’d be happy to provide a throttling proxy if there is no existing mechanism on the scoutbook side re if the worry was system load; something along those lines would mitigate it.

There are no published APIs and no plans to release any

The BSA has previously directed the SUAC folks to state that the BSA does not intend to release an API for the system at any point. If you are intent, you could try convincing your council professionals to agitate for it, but I suspect it would get the same response.

Alright sounds like others have knocked at the API door in the past.

How about structured files (json, xml) of the requirements and award images published to a read only bucket?

That would allow alternative implementations to thrive with limited effort from BSA IT side. E.g. an official use policy for those assets and a source to get them from.

The sync back could be a little more brittle with some selenium automation but overall workable with the goal of minimizing/near-zero-ing upstream IT effort and cost.

@CarlKlehm - the answer is a no.

No one on this forum can approve, and all have been told no, it won’t happen. Like @CharleyHamilton said, to get to someone that has the authority to say yes (even if they will likely say no), you will have to have your council enter a ticket. End users can’t enter tickets.

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