Scoutbook hack

Tonight at our meeting a Scout came to me and asked me to approve a merit badge he hand completed on line through an ‘app’. I looked at the merit badge in question and found he had completed 3 merit badges in his name. He showed me the ‘app’ and sure enough it had acces to his merit badge list. This was taken to the Scoutmaster and CC. I then removed all the items he had entered. We do not allow and parents or anyone that does not have admin approvial to update Scoutbook. I was not able to get the name of the app but will as soon as I can.

Were the advancements approved or just marked complete? Marking them complete is similar to a scout saying they are ready to be tested or writing in their handbook.

It sounds like he entered them through the Scouting App. Scouts all have access to their Scoutbook record via the Scouting App. There is nothing you can do to prevent it as the BSA says this is fine.

If the Scout did not have the MB approved by the MBC, all he/she is telling you is that he is ready to be tested and needs to get a Blue Card and the name of an MBC for the badge.

This is not hacking in to Scoutbook.

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@DavidColonna - I think the “we do nit allow” is a very telling sign… I would ask who’s advancement is it ?


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