Scout Permissions for advancement

We have a scout that is inputting their own advancement on merit badges. How do we limit that access?


You don’t, in fact, best practice has Scouts marking their own advancement complete in Scoutbook.

Scoutbook is designed for the Scouts to mark advancement complete, indicating the Scout is ready to be tested. This is no different than the Scout checking off the left hand column in the rank tables in the Scout Handbook. This is indicated by a green background check mark in Scoutbook.

Once the Scout marks a requirement complete, the unit leader or designee, or MBC for Merit Badges, tests the Scout and signs off on the requirement and approves it in Scoutbook. This is designated by a blue background check mark in Scoutbook.

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@ScottJesse it is just like the left side column in the Handbook - where scouts ARE to mark they are ready for testing

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I understand as it relates to rank advancement, I am making the distinction and asking specifically about merit badge advancement. Shouldn’t only the merit badge councilor be the one to sign off on completions?

@ScottJesse by marking the requirements (and even the whole thing) they are communicating with the MBC they are ready for testing. Just like a scout marking up a pamphlet or worksheet for a MB

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Got it, thanks for your quick reply.

Scouts being able to mark their own advancement is why I suggest NOT using the Approve All button on the Needs Approval report. A leader should be deliberate in marking requirements approved in Scoutbook.

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