Scoutbook Profile Pictures Mess Up RSVP and Report Builder Reports

The pictures still mess up RSVP pages and all Report Builder reports.

@JoeMcKinley can you describe better “messed up”? I need to help explain to developers what you are seeing that isn’t correct.

If you upload Square photos all is well if they are not square the 2 systems use different images - IA makes it square, but SB stretches it. minor issue, not worth developer time.

Not a minor issue.

  1. In Report Builder reports, they are MASSIVE.
    Guess which one was uploaded through IA:

  1. In RSVP, they cover up the scout’s name, so you can’t read who it is.
    Guess which one was uploaded through IA:

Screenshot 2023-04-02 185028

@JoeMcKinley thanks, this helps. In the interim, you can fix the issue in report builder by “unselecting” show image and that will temporarily solve the issue (and you will see names instead of images).

The image of our one scout with the issue is so “tall” it covers her first and last name in RSVP.

@JoeMcKinley from the change log last week, it appears the report section has been fixed to dynamically resize photos.

I noticed! Thank you.

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