Scoutbook Promotion

Our council just told me the BSA will promote current scouts to the next grade level on June 17. And to not sign up any incoming kinders until June 20 to allow time for the rollover.

I thought in years past the new Cub Scout year always started on June 1. We have 6 incoming kinders and now I have to tell them to wait. Hopefully they are patient and don’t lose interest!

(1) why isn’t the roll over for grade promotion the same every year, June 1?
(2) do I need to manually rename the dens in scoutbook or will that automatically happen on June 17?
(3) If I rename dens in scoutbook, can I do it now so scouts can start entering requirements for their new ranks? How do I rename dens in scoutbook?
(4) is there a way to view the grade levels for each scout on my.scouting?

Thanks for the help!

  1. It never happens on a static day - it does happen at beginning of June
  2. Changing grade level has no effect on Scouts in Scoutbook
  3. See link above
  4. Not that I know of

Thanks for the info! June 17-20 doesn’t sound like the beginning of June to me. I really hate making our new kinders wait so long to officially sign up.

Well technically I think Kinders are not supposed to sign up till September - cause they are not in Kindergarten in the same way one goes from 1st to 2nd. There is some national policy on it

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I would love to know the actual policy on when incoming Kinders can register. In years past I thought it was always June 1, or after BSA did their promotion.

No when it was a pilot it was 9/1 - not sure it ever changed

Are there actual rules or policy we can view?

who knows - if the system lets them register you are good to go

I would wait until after they have rolled the grades. Otherwise, all of your Lion Adults will show up as Tiger Adults on your my.scouting roster, and they’ll roll off a year to soon. To correct this, at recharter, you should be able to change them.

Yes, and if a new lion registers now they would be promoted to tiger by BSA on June 17. Just wish the promotion was the beginning of June.

Cub Scouting Program Role-Over Date

I do not believe there is one universal solution for Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. I suspect there are packs that operate year-round and may need to have their Scouting program year begin in other months in the fall. For those that know, can the Cub Scout program role-over month be set differently for each unit? (And Lone Cub Scouts?)

Kindergarten Student Registration in Scouting

In the Boy Scouts of America. Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America. July 2019 ed. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., ©2019. PDF.

Age or Grade—Lions are youth who are in the year prior to first grade or are age 6.

I do not know if this is changing or has been changed.

BSA® marketing may be focusing on recruiting from schools.

At the “Be A Scout Home Page”, Boy Scouts of America,, accessed 6/1/2022, the Cub Scouting program range is based on school grades and other programs are based on ages. It appears when a child can join a Cub Scouting program may now depend on local school/school district rules and school years which can vary locally.


Registration and program advancement becomes more interesting for Scouts who do not fit in the normal local school year north of the equator, or who are south of the equator and have a different school year.

Bottom line

Follow your council’s guidance.


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