Is Roll-Over Still Coming

I’m in the group of folks who has been eagerly anticipating the new Cub Scout Program that went into effect June 1. I’m ready to hit the ground running and I’m planning to offer my (former Bears) now Webelos as may as 6 elective adventures this summer.

One of the anticipated changes to the program was called “Roll-Over” wherein all existing cub scouts would be advanced to the next rank (per 11/16/23 FAQ) automatically. I understood this as an automated process not simply a policy change

Should I advance the Dens in my pack myself, or is “Roll-Over” still coming?


There is no plan to move Scouts the next rank automatically. You need to use Edit Den in Scoutbook Plus to advance the den.

Be aware, before moving a Webelos Den to AOL, you must change the name so that it starts with a number. There is an item in the backlog to remove this restriction on AOL dens.

What you may have heard about is the automated grade roll where all Scouts are advanced one grade in the membership database. We have heard that is scheduled for sometime this week.

If the advancement has occurred without changing the name to start with a number, should we go back and change? Is this why they show as 100 % complete as Webelos rather than the new percentage for AOLs?


If you were able to advance a Webelos den to an AOL den without a leading digit, consider yourself lucky. It is the Edit Den page where the error is occurring. If there is not a leading digit, the system generates an error saying an AOL den name must start with a number.


@BrianLittle - the roll over only references grade level

automatically moved from one grade to the next, this is called “roll-over”. The effect date of June 1 is to coincide with grade roll-over. As a practical matter, June 1 is the beginning of the next program year.

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