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Scoutbook WYSIWYG Editor Progress Yet?

Has any progress been made in updating Scoutbook’s What You See Is What You Get editor, allowing us graphic control over our messages? Emails that I send from the platform have no point of reference and all the text is overwhelming. Being able to break it up with bolded, italicized or even underline words would be a great improvement. Having the option to add color to fonts, boxes, and tables would be even better. Our troop just switched from Scoutmanager to Scoutbook (since this program is the future), and miss the design versatility. I know that attachments can be added, but it’s just an extra step, and people are wary of malware attached to stuff like this. Please help.

There is no current development work to add a wysiwig editor to Scoutbook. You can use BB Code in messages. See Formatting Messages for assistance.

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Well, it’s better than nothing. Hopefully one-day an enhanced editor will be available.

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