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Please create a sent box for scoutbook messages. Often times when I send an email via Scoutbook it appears to have never gone through. There are many delays in receiving the messages sent.


Agreed, the Messaging issues just continue to compound. Today I have sent 3 messages and I suspect they will eventually get delivered, but who knows when. Add to that the time spent crafting the message and now it is lost, so if it doesn’t get delivered then I have to start all over again. And if I do that and then the other messages are delivered then my parents/leaders get multiple emails.

I have moved this topic from the Cub Scout category to the New Scoutbook Feature Request category.

I agree - it can be frustrating. I sent an email to my Pack last night and again this morning. Neither message was received. I don’t plan to send a third message via Scoutbook. I’ll go back to the “old fashioned way” and email the Pack.

Hi, Mike,

There’s a related discussion going on here:


I would like to see an option to add clickable links in new calendar events and emails. I would also like the ability to edit text color, size, italics, etc. I can see that as I am typing right now there is a bar indicating I can do this. Why not take that same text/paragraph formatting bar to the email and calendar events?
Thanks for the consideration.
Maija Brown
Assistant Cubmaster, Pack 353 Spokane, WA

The Discourse Forums are a completely separate system from the Scoutbook calendar and messaging. There is no way to replace the editors in Scoutbook with those used by Discourse.

You can use some BB Code in your messages (not calendar). See Formatting Messages for help.

Thanks for this…this will definitely help!

I just tried the BB Code in a new calendar event and the url link option did not work.

BB code does not work in the calendar, only in messaging.

Bummer. Is that a change that could be easily made?

Probably not. The BSA has announced plans to replace the calendar. I wouldn’t expect any major changes until then. We do not know when it will be available or the final features list.