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Scoutmaster Approved Leadership Project for Star and Life Position of Responsibility

It would be beneficial for “Scoutmaster Approved Leadership Project” to be available for selection as an approved leadership position for Star and Life as indicated in the Scout Handbook.
Thank you,
Lisa Battern

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It is available

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Yes, the advancement requirement is indeed available. I am hoping to get the additional position of responsibility, a “Scoutmaster Approved Leadership Project” added to the list of positions available to select when actually assigning and tracking leadership positions.

Scoutbook is programmed correctly now.

There is no link between the Scout’s leadership log and the rank requirements because the requirement is more than hold the position for a certain amount of time. Only a person can determine if the Scout fulfilled the requirement by being active in the position.

Our suggestion if a Scout completes a Scoutmaster approved project is to immediately mark the rank requirement complete and put a brief description of the project in the note field.


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