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Scouts BSA Youth Council Nominations

The Scouts BSA committee is excited to announce that nominations are open for the Scouts BSA’s inaugural Youth Council!

The Youth Council will help shape the future of the Scouts BSA program by sharing their perspectives on the program’s strengths and growth areas, as well as by providing feedback on programmatic ideas under consideration by the Scouts BSA committee. The deadline for nominations is November 5, 2021.

The Youth Council Overview Deck includes additional information about the time commitment, eligibility criteria, and the nomination and selection process. Any Scouts BSA volunteer or professional is welcome to nominate eligible youth for this opportunity.

In Scouts BSA, we believe that youth are the experts of their experience – and that it’s critical to engage youth in decisions that affect their experience. We see immense possibility in virtually bringing youth from across the country together to hear their reflections and aspirations about the Scouts BSA program. Thank you in advance for promoting this opportunity.

Please direct all questions to ScoutsBSAYouthCouncil@gmail.com.

So I have a recent summit awardee and Several Eagles that would be relevant. Is it possible to increase the age window to 21 vs 18 to pick up my Crews?

Thus enabling the opportunity at Eagle BOR to give the youth something new to look at once the Eagle has landed for them?


Scouts BSA Office Hours last night shared a slightly updated version.
National Youth Council Overview