My.Scouting > Application Manager - Feb 20 update broke YPT reporting

Hi Y’all,

This post is FYI. I expect the solution will come from councils telling National that something broke. If this affects you, please contact your council.

BSA IT did an update to My.Scouting on Feb. 20. and something broke behind Application Manager.

After my troop meeting on Feb. 20, I had four adult applications showing in Application Manager. All adults were current on their YPT. One was a new application; another, a multiple; and the last two, transfers. Also had two scout applications.

Feb. 21 am, all four adults are now showing YPT as Never Taken. The two scout applications were approved, no problem, as well as a third youth that was entered that morning. Phoned council, display for registrar is the same, Never Taken, but updates to current when the app is opened. Hope things fix themselves overnight.

Feb. 22 am, COR can’t approve any of the four adults, just a lot of spinning. Email council.

Feb. 23 am, no change.

So, it seems online youth applications still work, but online adult applications are broken at this time.

For troubleshooting, these are the only applications showing for our district. I don’t have visibility into the council displays.

@DougWright Did you ask your council to submit a help ticket?

Not specifically. I pointed out the problem and asked for a solution. The person I’m dealing with is out of the office today. I’ll follow up on Monday.

Update 2023-02-26:

Application Manager display is still showing adults as YPT “Never Taken” and unit as blank (empty).

However, when opening the application, YPT data (at the top, below name) is accurate and further down, Applied to Organization has the correct data. And the button work for the COR to approve the application.

So, this is a cosmetic issue. Still should be fixed. My plan is to review this next Monday, after the Mar. 01 updates, and, if still needed, request the council submit a ticket to National.


Please ask your Council staff to open a ticket with BSA IT to report this issue.

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