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Scouts need more logs in scoutbook

We ask scouts to track Cycling, Swimming, Horse Back riding, Physical Activity and a few other things in addition to Hiking and Camping but don’t provide them a place to do it in Scoutbook or their handbooks. Is there any plans to add more logs for the scouts?

@SusannaGirard - that is among the reason for the move of logs to the new stack. Additionally, scout entered items are set as pending approval. This was another user request.

To they moved it there as step one… .and the additional Logs are coming?

Yes, that’s the plan. Get it moved first, and expand it later.

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When I went to view a personal entry made by one of our Scouts, I discovered that I could not see the details, nor could I adjust the amount of time that I was willing to approve. Is it the intent that the approval process is going to be approve all or approve nothing, or is that just the way it is for now?

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