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September 16, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • International Spirit Award - Cub Scouts
    • An issue that prevented youth from appearing in the Quick Entry screen for the International Spirit Award for Cub Scouts has been fixed.
  • National Outdoor Achievement Award
    • An issue that caused Req 1 of the National Outdoor Achievement Award to require the Venturing Ranger award to be completed has been fixed. Due to limitations in Scoutbook, users will need to manually mark Req 1 complete when the Scout has completed Ranger Award requirements 1 through 6.
  • Paul Bunyan Award
    • An issue that prevented the 2020 version of the Paul Bunyan award patch from appearing on a Scout’s page has been fixed.
  • RSVP Report
    • An issue that prevented the RSVP report button from appearing or the report from running has been fixed.
  • Scout Strong Award
    • An issue that prevented Quick Entry for the Scout Strong award from working has been fixed.
  • Sea Scouts Electives
    • An issue that prevented a Sea Scout from selecting an elective from a different discipline has been fixed.
  • Ship’s Needs Purchasing Report
    • An issue that prevented Scouts BSA awards from appearing on a Ship’s Needs Purchasing report has been fixed.
  • Unsubscribe E-Mail Link
    • An issue that caused a Whoops error when the Unsubscribe E-Mail link in an e-mail was clicked has been fixed.

New Features

  • Awards
    • Scoutbook now supports the Conservation Good Turn Award
    • Scoutbook now supports the Scout Strong - Healthy Unit Award
    • Scoutbook now supports the William T. Hornaday Badge. Note this award cannot be marked approved by the unit in Scoutbook. It may only be approved by the BSA, which will then be reflected in Scoutbook. William T. Hornaday Medals will be supported in a future release.
  • BSA Member ID
    • Scoutbook will now display a warning when a user tries to change a BSA Member ID and the new Member ID already exists in Scoutbook.
  • Calendar
    • Venturing Awards and Ranks have been added to Planned Advancement in the calendar.
  • Retired Awards
    • Once an award is retired by the BSA, Scoutbook will no longer allow that award to be marked complete 1 year after the retirement date. Awards will show their retirement date or planned retirement date after the award name.
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