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Server Error on RSVP Report

Creating a discussion here since the support email is dead now

We are getting the same error. Anyone else?

@TrevorReed @BradleyPade Can you provide information about what you are doing when you get that error?

I go to an activity and click on the button that says RSVP Report.

Scoutbook Error RSVP1

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Thank you. I should have seen that in the thread subject. I see that this is a known issue that the developers are working on. I’m not sure when they’ll have it fixed.

Still getting the error. Any ETA on the fix? Thx!

Any updates on this ? Thx

I’ll follow up with the developers, but I can say the fix is not imminent.

Bump. Trying to keep this alive to get a fix faster. Having the same issue and would really like this to be a functional feature.

This is in testing now. If all goes well, we’ll see the fix soon.


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