RSVP Roster

When clicking on RSVP report, I receive the following error.
Has this been fixed, or still an open bug?

The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)
ref: PD-20240503152712-548226-682712

That error message indicates a permissions issue. What are your registered and scoutbook positions in that unit?

It might also indicate a ttimeout issue. You could try logging out, then log back in again.

I am a committee member. Before they moved to the new advancement calendar, you could see all from troop who registered for an event. Now, I’m limited to only myself and children.

Here’s the list of who can currently access it.

I too am having the exact same issue. It was stated it is a permissions issue. I am an Asst. Scoutmaster with the troop. What is the permission required? Need better instructions so we can explain it to the persons that have privileges to change things. As it is they can’t seem to figure out what to do either. Do you have to be assigned to a sub-unit? Is there instructions on how to manage the permissions properly?

@TimothyRoseberry - look ^^^^^^ up ^^^ above your post for the positions that have access. They would have to add a position to you in scoutbook that has the access required.

Appreciate the confirmation. It was not clear this was an across the board permission for all. I thought it might only pertain to original poster’s troop. But it begs the question, if Scoutmaster has permissions then why not Asst Scoutmaster?

We have asked for a review of who should have access

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