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Slash character showing before apostrophes and parentheses

There is some meeting / activity bug where items show below the calendar are showing a slash before apostrophes and parentheses. These don’t show up when you open the activity nor does it show on the preview of events list.

Does anyone else see these?

Should I contact support or will someone from the advisory committee enter a big report for me?

@Matt.Johnson - wholly blackout Matt, I see your mark out at home…I guess I am persona non grata. I will have to work through our events to see if they are the same.

I was not able to reproduce this. Maybe there’s something else driving it.

I was able to reproduce this. It does not show up on Edit Event or when looking at a list of events on the My Dashboard page, but it does show up on the list of upcoming events at the bottom of the My Calendar page. It appears in Chrome, Opera, and IE, so not browser specific. It looks like it is trying to escape the characters in a section of code that doesn’t require it.

This is a known issue. The fix is currently being tested and will be released soon.

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Steve; I don’t fully understand what you are getting at. I scribbled out the Scout pictures.

@Matt.Johnson - just a bit of humor. It was a lot of scribbling, but mostly like the art I can produce in paint :slight_smile:

Ah! Ok. Sorry it was lost on me. You got to witnesses my art skills in the medium of fine tip finger painting.

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