SPIA Calendar function .........ERROR You are not Authorized to use this API

I am getting the subject error message trying to add a calendar entry to our SPIA troop calendar.
Before the switch from the SB calendar I was able to do such things. Now I am not.
I am able to edit events but cannot modify the event type or add attendees/invitees. I am listed as a Key 3 Delegate and Troop Admin. In January i was able to recharter our troop with IA recharter.

The CC and SM say they are running just fine.
How can i proceed.

I found 2 scoutbook IDs and 2 my.scouting.org IDs for you which I have merged but I don’t think this is the issue.

Have you select the correct role in the upper right of the IA pulldown? Since you are registered in multiple positions, you may have the wrong role selected. Try selecting your unit admin role.

Yes i did select a proper role(selecting the proper unit from the pulldown). When I select the troop 41G, I see the “+” telling me i can add a calendar event.

For other the units which i am commissioner, i have no permission and see no “+” allowing me only to view events.

When i try to create an event in that role I can not select an event type (which prevents me from saving) . I can also not add attendees .

I can though add an event in the event log like i always did while using old Scoutbook proper calendar in addition to IA2 to track campouts. (I look forward to one stop calendar → tracking log feature)

Thanks for looking into this.



Try doing a hard refresh (SHIFT + REFRESH) and see if that helps.

Being a commissioner gives you no rights at all - A few of the units you are admin in also which would give you rights

That did not help with the greyed out(disabled) fields, but it did clear all the fields that I was able to fill in.
Still seeing “You are not Authorized to use this API” in RED

It does give me access to commissioner tools which are pretty handy for doing my scouting jobs

@edavignon any other ideas that would help me to add SPIA calendar events and get rid of the “not authorized to use API” error message?


I have passed on this error to the developers. You should be able to edit the calendar for Troop 3041.

Thank you very much. I just need to add to calendars of troop 41 B&G for which I am a leader.


Are you having trouble adding to 3041G, 3041B or both? I see you are only a registered committee member of 3041B but you are a unit admin and Unit Advancement Chair for 3041B in Scoutbook but do not have the functional role in my.scouting.org. It would be best if you were given the Unit Avancement Chair functional role in my.scouting.org for 3041B like you have in 3041G.

For both troop 41 B&G I can not add calendar entries. Though I have the “+” to add a calendar entry in both rolls in the SPIA environment. Here is a snapshot of my roles in troop 41 B&G


Ok I see what you speak of.
I will ask the CC to add me. I was the CC and stepped down in June/July ish


And just to be sure, you are selecting a troop admin role from the B or G troop in the upper right corner of IA, correct?

Here correct?


Yes, that one should work.

I have tried that troop 41G roll from the start. That does not work along with the troop 41B. I have asked our CC to give my T41B role the same as T41G as we are a linked troop(boy and girl).
Might my rolls as commissioners be overriding my unit leader rolls?

Have you tried creating an event for troop 3041B only?

yes for 41B and 41G separately. I still can not specify an “Event Type” therefore can not save and create an event. I also can not add members to the event(That field is Greyed out)

@JShekitka - i gather you mean you “can not” specify the event type