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Calendar reverts to current month

Please please please fix in the main system this constant revert to the current month. I know this was covered before by the add in, but is no longer possible for the add in to control. So, this needs to be fixed in the main system. As a Scoutmaster updating events next year, for example committee meetings going virtual, this is crazy. It just is madness.

Covid has been hard on future schedules and constant tweaking has been necessary.

My brain hurts as I say to myself November, November, November, then December December December, then January January January so I know which month I am on as I update something so simple.


Can you detail how you want this to work so I can write it up for the developers?

@GaryFeutz may best be able to describe it as the add-in implemented this before the calendar was rearchitected. Here is my take…

General: Stay in the month a user is in and stop jumping back to the current month or the first screen post login.

Current behavior: If I go forward 6 months, for example, it is October, and I go to April, and I edit an event, after hitting back in the browser, it takes me to the current month, October. To edit another April date, I have to hit the next month arrow 6 times, again. Repeat for each meeting in April I wish to add or edit. If I hit the internal red arrow back, it takes me all the way back to my screen (the one just after login). If that case, I have to go to My Dashboard>Events>Calendar, then hit the next month arrow 6 times. Repeat for each event to edit or add in April.

Desired behavior: After editing or adding an event in any month, going back takes you to the month you were in. So, if I was in April, even though it is October, it keeps me in April.

Side bug / issue: the system is doing an extra refresh/loading after pulling up each and every event. I assume this is a 2x hit on the system. Odd form a user perspective and resource draining from a system perspective.

@Matt.Johnson is this happening again after the extension workaround?

I’m not using a workaround. What is it?

Apologies, I misread the issue. I thought it was the jump backward one from the edit page where it would go to the calendar view.

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