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Our Troop has optional sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts, bridging over packages, etc. we have on our SOAR site available for purchase. Is this a feature that Scoutbook can manage?

Scoutbook does not have support for this and I highly doubt the BSA would ever entertain such a feature. It basically requires Scoutbook to support a unit web site which, in addition to the development and ongoing support costs, would require cloud storage which is expensive when the organization does not own the data center.

We have such a site with Square. So we use Square’s “fee” site for that, their reader for in person credit cards, and electronic credit card payments. We just have 2 prices for cash/check and credit card. It was about as easy as it could be to setup.

You can then embed a link to said site or payment in Scoutbook calendar entries and emails.

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Scout Shop and Trading Post sales information

Local BSA® Scout Shop

The manager of my local national BSA® Scout Shop says he is using Facebook and the local council website to advertize sales at local BSA® Scout Shop.

“Trading Posts” are operated by local councils, Contact your council for information.

National Official BSA® Scout Shop

There is a email subscription signup at the bottom of the page at:

The national BSA® Scout Shop is using various social media services

I do not know what feeds they offer and if they can be filtered for troops (or Scouts BSA).


It appears your unit needs to have it’s own website and/or a social-media service that allows non-profits to sell products. There may be tax issues, I suggest checking with your chartered organization.

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