Maybe off topic - troop track to Scoutbook we lose our website - what do other units use?

Now that we are moving to Scoutbook, we will lose our website which is a part of trooptrack. What are other units using for websites? are there very affordable websites preferably with the ability to embed Paypal.



Alex mauer

@AlexMauer - yes indeed off topic as the forums are now to software support within the BSA. I can say we use google sites

And Paypal is enabled for Scoutbook Events now

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and ^^^^ this as well ^^^^^

Not too off topic since it is IT related. We use GoDaddy, but we didn’t shop around for lower cost.

Is your Troop 33 site a google site? It’s very nice. That’s what I want to do.

Hey, I didn’t give you ours!

The coolest is the integration of the calendar. Go to the menu and choose calendar.

@AlexMauer - all of the unit sites are google sites. the main landing page at is a go-daddy site… and Matt and his units have gone further. The google sites themselves are free with a google account which all of our units have. The go-daddy landing page is a legacy but I maintain and pay for it.

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Ok Matt - perhaps a Tie :slight_smile: this was fun… but certainly there are many web site options out there


My oldest sons Troop is making the transition to Scoutbook from Troopmaster and it sounds like the decision was made to move the website to FourSquare from whatever was hosting it before(not that familiar with Troopmaster). I think moving to FourSquare was a familiarity and pricing thing for the Troop Webmaster(s).

I personally think that a website is not needed if you are using Scoutbook, Google Docs, and Facebook; however, some people still need that paid site with full customization available.

Thanks for all the feedback. I would love my council to create a network of sites, and then we all play in that sandbox. Moving from troop track and from my son’s pack, I think a simple (though well-designed) landing page for branding and community information is needed, but agree that as we integrate the scouts into scoutbook, less is needed on the website front.

I’m going to do a google for the calendar, and Paypal needs. We don’t love the payment log situation, so will continue (for now) using Paypal and just create links in the calendar. I will pull the SB calendars out into the google site for quick reference to events - primarily for parents who refuse to use the app.

@AlexMauer - a few things to consider.

  1. Council sites are generally under doubleknot, 247scouting or tentaroo as they have Accounting functions, event management and related packages. And there are guidelines for them. Additionally they are 501c3 entities.

  2. If the unit creates a google email account the google sites are free to them.

  3. We link our calendar from scoutbook to the gcal for the account. The only thing that is paid is overall godaddy landing page which links them

  4. All documents are shared out via google drive to the site. All of that is fairly simple along with site design. If i can do this really anyone can.

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WordPress with the Elementor Website Builder – WordPress plugin appears to be missing from your list.

Please define acronyms the first time you use them. By CSRM do you mean “Cybersecurity Risk Management”?