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Trying to get activity logs report

I’m trying to get a report of the troop’s service hours. All I can find is an Activities Summary Report, and all it gives me is “Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (81).”
So, here I am. Reporting it.

Hi, @FrankTurner.

There are instructions on using the new logs here. I think they include how to pull a report.

They were working on expanding the access to other than Key 3, Key 3 delegates, and Unit Advancement Chair (all as designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting.org). I believe that’s been done (at least to some extent), but since I’m a Key 3 delegate for my unit, I had access more-or-less from the start.


I was pretty sure I had explained this somewhere recently. Try this thread:

Fortunately, I just discovered it still works in the old Scoutbook. I’m not dealing with that buggy, overly complicated IA2 mess. I’ll keep up with it in a spreadsheet like I do everything else and that nightmare becomes someone else’s problem next year.

If you would prefer it in spreadsheet form, a unit Admin can still Export / Backup the old camping / hiking / service logs for the entire unit:


Where the XXXXXX is the unit’s Scoutbook UnitID number. (Please note that this is not your unit number – it is specific to Scoutbook. You can see the UnitID in the url when you go to your main unit page.)

Thanks, but I’ve got a spreadsheet already put together that I track payments, camping and hiking, along with all the other stuff Scoutbook never logged: conservation hours, riding miles, aquatics hours, etc. It even shows me when silver and gold devices have been earned for the National Outdoor Awards. All I have to do now is add service hours to it, and I won’t need to deal with that cumbersome thing the BSA’a IT people have forced on us.


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