Individual Activity Details Report

I found this thread on how run the activity summary report.

But how do I run a detail report for all activities that shows the activities behind the summary data? I’m specifically looking for camping night details by scout.


@JonathanKing1 - my instructions outlined that on that post

I followed the instructions and the output is a summary, not details.

@JonathanKing1 - you need to choose the activity log report from the dropdown when selecting run report for the selected scouts.

I don’t have that as an option.


When I click on “more” I get an error:

@JonathanKing1 - works for me… what is your role in the unit ?

Advancement Coordinator (so, committee member)

@JonathanKing1 - is UAC defined in your profile in ? It will be a functional role

Doesn’t look like it. (If I’m looking in the right spot)


You need to be added as Unit Advancement Chair at my.scouting by your unit’s Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate.

After you are added as Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate, then you should be able to see the Reports menu on the left side of the roster and access the reports menu.

Thank you both for the feedback. I will contact the Key 3.

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Well something has changed in the last 2 hours. Now when I go into IA2 all I can see are my two children’s profiles and info. I can’t see anything else or do anything else like I have been able to. I used to be able to toggle from the drop down menu the two units I am adv chair and my two kids. Now, just my two kids. I used to be able to run bot roster builder reports and reports builder and all gone. I can’t even view the rosters of either unit anymore.

Did I accidentally trigger some setting or was there some change made today?

Try again. They backed out a recent change.

Thanks. It seems to be back now.

Follow up question. Our Troop CC said he made me UAC. Where do I look in my.scouting to see this? Same place I posted earlier?

@JonathanKing1 - yes it will be under the registered position in a block titled functional roles

You might not see it there until tomorrow, because there is an overnight process that needs to run.

Thank you all for the help. The previous functionality was restored per @jacobfetzer I was added as UAC by our CC as suggested by @JenniferOlinger and I can now run the reports per the instructions from @Stephen_Hornak

Thank you all for the help.


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