Unable to Advance Scouts in My Den

I am a Den leader of a Webelos Den. I logged into Scoutbook to advance my Scouts in their latest adventure, and I when I go to the interface to specify the date they completed a requirement, I am not presented with the fields to enter the date and check that the leader approved the requirement.

I was able to update my scouts a month or so ago, so I don’t know what changed.

I can advance my son (who is also in my den).
Is this an account problem? I am in National Capital Area Council, Sully District, and I am den leader for Pack 1858 Den 9.


I would check to see if your charter renewed correctly. Check your WDL position in https://my.scouting.org to make sure that your charter renewal has processed (i.e. expiration date is now in 2022). If not, that might be part of the issue. If so, it could be something else going on.

If you post your BSA ID number, the folks from SUAC should be able to look into things from their end.

Something recently caused your Den Admin position to change. Ask your Pack Scoutbook admin to reestablish your Den Admin position in Scoutbook.

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Thanks for the suggestion. My BSA ID is 12756565. I would welcome assistance from the SUAC folks.

Thanks for the suggestion William. I will contact my Pack Scoutbook Admin. Thanks!

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