Unable to enter advancement as a parent via scoutbook

Hello, I am pretty good at using scout book but recently I have been unable to add advancement to my son’s Webelos advancement. When I click on the adventure I want to add the screen refreshes but it is backed out to my main profile instead of the adventure main page. I am a former CM, a current ASM, and an active MBC. I use SB all the time but this recent change seems to coincide with recent changes to SB. Please advise, Thanks

Check your Scout’s Membership page and make sure that he has a current membership in a Webelos den. If he does not, you need to ask a Pack Admin to assign him to a Webelos den.

The quickest way for a Pack Admin to do this is to go to the den page in Scoutbook and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.

looking at it now it appears that all of the Webelos and AOL scouts were unassigned from their dens. If that is the issue it would make sense. In the past when I was able to enter advancement for him he was definitely assigned to a den. I will try to have it resolved and post if that works. Thanks

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