Unable to end Den Chief position

Hi, I am unable to end a Scouts position as Den Chief. Upon clicking on the position, it almost looks like 2 pages are overlapping each other. There are even 2 red “update” buttons. I enter the date ended date and a blank screen appears. No other scout is having this issue. This scout is now a Troop Guide, I was able to successfully add this new position. He is no longer the Den Chief because the cubs have crossed over and have been transferred this morning to the Troop. Changes should reflect in 1-2 days.
Do the Cubs transferring have anything to do with being able to end the Scouts position as Den Chief? I use google chrome and even tried this on Microsoft edge, thinking it was a browsing issue…same thing is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

This is a known bug, and the developers are working on a fix.

I have the same problem.

@JosephRakszawski - take a look at the post above yours

Last nights update should have this resolved

Yes, all fixed. Thank you!!

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