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Not able to Enter Date Ended for Position

I’m not able to enter a “date ended” for one of the my leader’s position via the the Pack Roster. When I click into their position I’m booted out to a Scoutbook menu screen (Blog, Forums, etc) rather than to the position edit screen. This does not occur with any of the other leaders.

I suspect the cause is the following but don’t know how to remedy. The leader I need to end positions for is actually one our cub scouts. Another admin added them by mistake as a leader and even made them a pack admin and committee chair. (I believe it was father/son confusion). I thought I could remedy by merely ending the positions from the pack roster screens. The positions don’t seem to show up when I review the scout under the scout’s normal Den profile, only under the pack roster screen. As they are an active cub scout, I’m afraid to delete their account from the leader screen for fear of messing up all their scout advancements and other data.

do you have time for a screenshare? @JeffreyFox?

I sure do. Please let me know what is needed.

@JeffreyFox sent you a private message - look at top right of screen in your Avatar to find it

Could you send PM one more time? No bubble/number appeared. Trying this in a different browser.

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