Unit Commissioner add to Leader Listing esp. for email communications in Scoutbook

Is there a way for the unit commissioner to be automatically added to the “leader” listing for assigned units? This would be a nice way for commissioners to stay up-to-date on unit activities. Has anyone tried this or other ways?


It can’t be done automatically because Akela, the BSA’s person database, does not associate commissioners with the unit(s) they work with.

The commissioner can ask on a unit by unit basis. I’m hey would get the commissioner role.

The association is captured by BSA. A Commissioner is formally assigned to a Unit. This association is made as a “Unit assignment” within Commissioner Tools (in MyScouting Tools). Why can’t this be used to make the connection requested?

While it might be handy, Scoutbook is a unit level tool and the unit needs to approve any leader being let in. The commissioner may or may not use that level of access


It COULD be. It is a matter of will and resources. It seems like they just had the philosophy of not doing it. Like @RonFedele said, the principal is that Scoutbook is a unit tool. So, not connecting it is consistent. The fact a unit could invite a commissioner is also consistent since a unit needs to decide.

I’d rather they spent the time programming JTE results since all the data is there, but again, will and resources.

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