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Scoutbook and Commissioners

It would be nice if when we are assigned a unit in My.scouting it would add us to the unit scoutbook as a view only. I know you can get the unit to add you, but if it did it automatically like registering a new leader that would be less for the unit leadership to do.

It would make it so much easier to look at advancement progress and unit leadership rosters in scoutbook.

There are new reports in Commissioner Tools that allow Commissioners to view advancement and activity reports for units.

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Yeah they keep adding stuff to My.scouting and it is not making it any easier to navigate. In fact it is doing the opposite. I feel like I am spending more time searching the system for information than I am serving my units.

John… Have you tried the new reports for unit advancement and activities in CT?

I do not have a report for unit advancement in my reports in CT.

@JohnGeiser they made it super easy to access to Commissioners. Go to “Contacts” and select your assigned unit and click the “print” icon. Both reports show for activity and advancement.

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See now why would they put it there? That doesn’t even have reports in the name. Why wouldn’t they put it in the reports? It is getting more convoluted with each update.

@JohnGeiser I can’t answer that one, but I can tell you the release of this report was publicized by the Commissioner Technology Group. As fellow Commissioners they do a great job with their monthly or so newsletter updates that only take about 10 minutes of our time to read. Hopefully, your Council and District Commissioners are passing along the information or pointing you to it on the Commissioner web page.

ETA: direct website for Commissioner Technology Group that also has links to their newsletters: Technology for Commissioners | Boy Scouts of America

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Oh I get them and try my best to get whatever info I can from them. I have a lot of info flying at me on a daily basis from my 9 scouting positions so if something is not intuitive the chances of it sticking on the first try are not good. This is definitely not an intuitive addition.

The logic of where things are is a bit convoluted, and the only consistency (due to so many different organizations being involved over the years) is inconsistency. :persevere: Part of the answer to your question is due to the reuse of common APIs on both the web and mobile versions of the tools not only for Commissioner Tools, but other apps too, PLUS the business rules that on the mobile app Commissioner Tools does not support reports due to real estate concerns.

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@RickHillenbrand as a slight aside, should perhaps the mobile business rules be reconsidered re:reports. The new ones being worked on by the reports team look great and display very nicely in mobile browsers (I think they are being written to be dynamically responsive). I know I’ve run them from My.Scouting on mobile browser and have been impressed. Just a question/thought.

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I agree that this is something for future reconsideration. Presently due to resource constraints and ALL the high priority enhancements (new organization structure to support the sunsetting of regions & areas, and deployment of territories, Registrar Tools and get off ScoutNet) they are working on this would be very low priority. Further, if “desperate” as noted you CAN run reports in a browser on a mobile device.


@RickHillenbrand absolutely understood. Just thinking about if/when new features are added (once the high priority stuff is handled), that rule might be reconsidered to help discombobulate some of the convoluted inconsistency created to allow that rule to function. :slight_smile: I’ve always been a fan of build it so it functionally makes sense to the end user.