Updating Scoutbook Event

I went in to update a Scoutbook event for one of my den leaders who had initially created it. Yesterday I was able to do this. Today, I got the below error and could not help her:

Events created through the Den Leader Experience cannot be edited in Scoutbook. It is once of the reasons so many of us do not recommend using DLE.

I have never even heard of Den Leader experience. On Monday, I could update the event, then yesterday I could not. My Den Leader, Alyssa Nuno, said she cannot update it now either.

Den leaders can access it by going to the login screen, clicking the hamburger in the upper right and login as den leader. We don’t usually recommend using it because there are a lot of quirky issues with it.

The den leader can hide all events created using den leader experience by going to the regular scoutbook calendar and clicking Hide DLE Events. Then, you can start fresh.

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