Scoutbook Calendar Event: Unable to edit Calendar, Event Type, Name

As Scoutbook Admin and Pack CC, I am usually able to edit Calendar events with no problem. I am trying to edit a series of calendar events for our Lion Den. I am able to edit all fields except, Calendar, Event Type, and Event Name. It LOOKS like I can edit those fields - but I am unable to click in the field to change the event names. I am not a Den Leader but I am a SB Admin and I am Pack Committee Chair.

I wonder if those events were created in the Den Leader Experience. Are they on the Den Calendar?

I am waiting for the Den Leader to answer that question for me. Unfortunately - I can’t login to the Den Leader experience since I am not a “Den Leader”. The events do appear in the Den calendar. When I click the button at the bottom of the calendar labeled “Hide DLE” events - the events do not disappear so I thought they were not DLE events… but I’m unsure.

I assume you don’t have events that span 2 units? This happens if someone with permissions in both our troop and pack makes a joint activity. If the person editing doesn’t have permissions in both units, they can’t edit the activity.

It is a Lion Den only (within the Pack Only) activity. But GREAT point!!

@AngeleBoudreaux - are you trying this on a mobile device ?

No Desktop. I tried to make the edits with Safari and Chrome.

Update: I am also unable to edit attendees. We had a new Lion join and while I can ask for RSVPs, I am unable to add attendees to the existing event so our new scout will not receive the event reminders/updates.

Try going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack Roster → your name → Pack Admin position, then make sure that the Position Approved box is ticked and click Update.

Sometimes that resets admin positions that look OK but are glitchy behind the scenes. The solution is path-dependent, so you have to follow the steps as written.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I followed the steps exactly and I am still unable to change the calendar events.

Something weird also happened today - I had a new Webelos Den appear in my roster that I did not create. I am unable to “Disapprove” the Den. (I did change the number and approve the Den to see if I could then “Disapprove” the Den but that did not work.) There are no scouts and no leaders in this Den - yet I am unable to “Disapprove” it so it will go away. I am not at all sure if this is related to my calendar event but this is really weird. (I am on our SB User Group team and am often asked to help others in our council with SB issues. This stuff does not happen to me! Now I’ve had two problems in one day that I can’t solve…) ExtraWebelosDen1of2

@AngeleBoudreaux - what happens if you approve the den ? I would also check the scouts and leaders in the other den 2 to make sure they do not have active membership in the duplicate.

@AngeleBoudreaux - I will set up a screen share and email you from your reply when I get into work in the morning if that is OK ?

I appreciate it!! That sounds super helpful. I promise to pass along lessons learned to our Council User Group!

I have determined the events were created in the “Den Leader Experience”. I made myself a Lion Den Leader. I went into the DLE and I am unable to change the meeting names in this calendar either. (This is TERRIBLE since the events from the DLE appear on our Pack calendar and are causing confusion among other Dens.) Also - the new scout appears on the roster in the DLE - but he is NOT listed on the roster for that meeting. So the (normal) Den Leader can not mark him as attended nor will his family receive the reminders she has setup for the regular meetings.

My opinion is that the DLE has a few MAJOR NO-GO FLAWS. And should not be mentioned or recommended by anyone.


@AngeleBoudreaux - you can email me at and I can set up the screen share with you.

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