Warning - same email address

When I log into SB, under My Account, it says " Warning, another user is using the same email address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum."

This is new and started after Recharter. Also, I moved from a different Council, and I’m only shown to be linked to my previous Pack and Council. Help, please!

@JaneStedman what is the current council?

Current Council is Occoneechee.

@JaneStedman ok I think it is good now

Thanks! Should the change be immediate? The “warning” message is gone; however, the Council and Pack are still incorrect. I should be with Occoneechee Council, Pack 713

I see positions for 713 - the old positions you can just go in and put an end date on

Got it. Thank you so much for your assistance!

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