Where can we go to get an answer on policy?

We’re trying to get information on policy set by national. We’ve asked national; they told us to talk to Council. We’ve asked Council; they won’t answer. We asked on here; we’re told that such questions are verboten on this forum.

So, where do we go to get copies of written policies?


Unfortunately, there’s no longer an official BSA forum in which to ask these questions, other than “talk to council”. It irks the heck out of me, personally, but I’m stuck with the same situation when I have problems.

You might be able to locate non-BSA forums where such discussions still occur, but it’s hard to suggest any without running afoul of the BSA prohibition on discussing policy here. Similarly, you might have success with various search engines if you have a guess at what the titles might be.

Also, the BSA posts a lot of their official policy documents (e.g. Guide to Safe Scouting, etc) at the scouting.org website, but it can take some searching around to find the stuff you’re after, assuming such exists.


@CharlesLittle - it seems that being told the first time that the forums are not the venue for your question was not sufficient. Perhaps your council web site might have an explanation for the fee structure. Mine does.