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May a suggestion be made to National to assign/appoint someone to monitor and address issues brought up in the forum. Having a dozen or so “I think” responses to BSA policy questions is not productive.

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The BSA does not have the staff to monitor the forums. Any response by a member of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council is as close to an official answer as you will get for most questions. We answer with as much information as we are allowed to provide.

Members of the SUAC have an SUAC logo on their avatars and the words Scoutbook User Advisory Council next to their names.

Hi, @PaulOlson,

There are official channels to follow if you’re looking for an official response on a policy issue.

The general approach I have always been given (if your unit can’t figure it out) is:

  • Ask your Unit Commish
  • Ask your District Commish/Exec/Advancement Chair/Training Chair/Etc
  • Ask your Council Exec/Advancement Chair/Training Chair/Etc
  • Ask Nationals

For example, in the Guide to Advancement if something isn’t clear, they give the following direction:


On the BSA’s website, for questions or comments they direct you to

There are a host of resources posted/hosted by the BSA.

The discussion forums are really focused on peer-to-peer discussions among the volunteers/youth members.

Forgive me. I find recently that my first reaction is to answer “I believe” or “I think”. I should also say I am verifying my answer…It sometimes takes 5 to 8 hours of research and writing to produce an authoritative response,

I also try to be careful to indicate when I am giving a good answer and when I am expressing an opinion. What I try to do is to find an authoritative and source for you.

I am OK with someone saying “I think” because this is a discussion group. That response also gives me something to verify for all our readers.