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You can now transfer and multiple between units using your My.Scouting account

Saw that after posting; but thank you. Again, this is the best and most needed improvement to our volunteer/data management I have seen since I’ve been active again as an adult. Really excellent and many thanks.


In response to your inquiry (partially) I inquired to BSA’s CIO on this topic and he replied:

That’s a difficult one to handle, given all these reductions and re-organizations. Our focus as you can imagine is to get out of the bankruptcy + also be ready for anything that comes out as a result of Chapter 11.

For example, we had to come up with a whole slew of quick tools for Councils and Volunteers to manage user issues because we had to shut down Membercare and Shared services for Councils. Same with adding the CHATbot -

Not in a roadmap, but is the need of the hour.

Our published roadmap from the past focused on migration away from Scoutnet - we will continue to do that and simplify and consolidate interfaces even more as our pace allows. I think we have a 2-year runway before we fully get off Scoutnet - we will continue executing it, one step at a time.

Tools coming soon will include:
Support of promo codes and discounts for online recruitment.
Deep person searches for registrars.
Registrar bulk upload process.
Unit creation for Registrars.
Simplifying internet advancement interface, including calendar integration.
NESA, Alumni portal updates.
Updating the invitation process for Scoutbook.
Maintenance across all our products.

This list is a pretty dynamic one though (except the last item) and could change as things evolve around us evolve.


This is outstanding information, Mr Hillenbrand.

I am (and I’m sure others will be) most grateful for the perspective and added detail you’ve gathered.

Further, I appreciate the magnitude of the job at hand… all things considered. You, and BSAs CIO should know your work is appreciated.

My closing suggestions here would be, first, to examine, carefully, the events of this week with the Scoutbook transition. It could have been done without the issues we’ve faced (cookies/cache) - I guarantee it. Pointedly, having both sites online and running at the same time may cost a bit more for a side-by-side infra in the short term … but there is a cost to the loss of reputation that has been sustained. It is not negligible.

Second, there are more techies in the community and open source presents a phenomenal opportunity. Moving to an open source core product suite would serve Scouting in more ways than a mere mention here could possibly do justice. If this has not been considered - even if it has - it needs to come back around for consideration.

In any event, these things digress a bit from the original topic.

Please know that I’m rooting for you - right now, because that is all I can do… And I believe that lessons will be learned from these events and do better. Every day.



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Scoutbook did not move to a new platform. It is still the same system running on the same servers. All that changed was the URL. BSA IT expected the transition to the new URL to be seamless. Obviously things did not go as expected.

I doubt the BSA would ever move critical business systems to open source. The systems contain a lot of personal information that cannot be released. Just think of the outrage and additional lawsuits if the BSA open sourced their systems and revealed personal information. The open source question comes up every few months. Each time the answer has been the same. The BSA will not open source their systems.

Open source doesn’t disclose personal information. That is a complete misconception (not totally uncommon) and completely inaccurate conclusion about the approach… further it’s not about the systems or opening them as the reply states. In fact I would bet you already depend on open source without realizing it.

Odd about the platform as there do appear to be rather significant changes, but I defer to you on whether there was an infra change.


If Scoutbook looks different than last week, then you are being affected by the change in domain name and taken to Internet Advancement. You need to either run in an incognito window or clear your cache and cookies for scoutbook.scouting.org.

This is the Scoutbook login page.