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My.scouting now a full service application system

A big thank you to BSA IT to making my.scouting a full service application system.

It can now handle:

  • New Scouts/New Adults
  • Multiple unit/position applications (no fee) such as merit badge counselors
  • New Scouts/Adults DURING recharter! This is huge!
  • Transfers from one unit to another including Webelos!

This is amazing but here’s my question:

Will unit leaders be able to make this transfer or must parents/scouters do it on their own?

Between filing out a AoL transfer form and giving to Council vs. trying to talk a parent through the process, it might just be easier for unit leaders to file the paperwork.

I would LOVE it if I could add/drop/transfer to my charter without having to run paperwork down the council every time.

My interpretation from this post and from taking a quick look at the system, is that the transfer can be initiated by either the parent (via the My Application option) or a unit leader (via Organization Manager) of the sending unit. It’s not clear that a receiving unit can do anything other than accept the transfer.

That said, my AOL son doesn’t show up on my personal list, but as CM, in theory I should be able to move him. So there are some kinks, and the proof will be in whether it all works as intended. Still, it’s another good step forward.

Some other notes…

  • It looks like right now you can only Transfer or Multiple in unit level positions. So MBC is not an option, as that is a District position.
  • Additionally, the search feature only allows you to select units within the same council. So if you’re switching councils, I’m not sure what you have to do. I guess you have to start a new application from a unit’s beascout.org page.
  • If you’re searching for units by number, note that “56” will not work. You have to use “0056”. Hopefully they will fix that. I’m not sure why the developers always overlook this.

Yes, and that is fantastic: parents or unit leaders can SEND (so to speak) their scouts to the new unit. But I wonder if parents will be able to figure it out and unit leaders may not have the time.

If the RECEIVING unit can bring scouts in without having to have the parent or other unit initiate that would be awesome but may not be an option (it doesn’t look it).

Multiples was rolled out earlier. So, you would have to either start as a MBC or multiple in it. I don’t know of many that transfer into MBC, so not a big deal.

Scout logins work with this too

From the PM:

All transfers, youth and adult have to accepted by the receiving unit. Transfers for youth can be initiated by the unit leader or the parent only, no one can go into another unit and take some one. Adult transfers can only be initiated by the adult.

Adults can multiple now using the system, but again, the receiving unit has to accept them.

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@RickHillenbrand it sure looks like Youth can do it too - I will try later once I find a good unit to test with

As a unit leader of an older scout program can a youth use the transfer application feature to generate an adult leader transfer application to the same unit so he can go from being a youth to an adult without going through any other hoops?

We are trying to use this to transfer an AOL to a troop. The pack keeps getting an error message that the scout is not connected to an adult but she is connected to both her parents. Are we doing something wrong?

Well she might be connected in SB but not in AKELA there is a connection there also

So council didn’t enter parent information when they entered her application?

maybe??? that is my first guess

It’s my understanding that council doesn’t enter any adult information unless the scout is a Lion or Tiger. So that means that only scouts that start as a Lion or tiger can use this transfer system?

Yep this is a HUGE problem that we have run into. If the scout isn’t connected to a parent in the My.Scouting system (NOT scoutbook), they cannot be transferred using this new system :sob: There used to be a way for you to connect to your scout in the system. I remember connecting to my son years back, but I was working with my wife’s account in My.Scouting this morning and I could not find a way to connect her to our son.

The BSA IT folks need to solve this ASAP or it is going to cause a lot of confusion when Webelos start trying to transfer to troops in a couple months.

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I was able to connect 2 parents to the account easily and it did a sync with myscouting as well. I do remember having the button be very hard to find though. Hope it works for you!

Scoutbook doesn’t “sync back” to my.scouting.

All of my Scouts had their parents entered (all started as Webelos or Scouts). Maybe it is your council?

With online applications (going forward), the parent has to create an account.

We are merging two packs. The adult leaders are having trouble doing the transfer applications online. They say it’s not working and they cannot input their information.

“At the step where I have to enter my information, the name and DOB fields are grayed out, and it won’t let me advance.”

Any tips?