Youth Protection Mission

The BSA’s Youth Protection Mission Statement is: “True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting. It is the mission of Youth Protection volunteers and professionals to work within the Boy Scouts of America to maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, territory, area, council, district, and unit levels.”

Our Youth Protection landing page contains a vast amount of must-see information:

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Background check information and forms 2022

Youth protection includes background checks.

Form: Boy Scouts of America. Adult Application. May, 2022 ed. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., 2022. PDF.

The form set cited above was updated in May 2022 to include more forms and disclosure notices with additional background check information.

Some states and local jurisdictions have requirements that are in addition to BSA youth protection requirements. For more see information published by your local council.