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11/14 Update - Question on YPT for youth

Can someone talk more about this? I thought there isn’t a current YPT for youth class, only YPT for adults. Is a new YPT for youth out now?

Also, the youth training page seems to be “stuck in the past” where it talks about syncing with ScoutNet when you hit sync.

" Youth Protection Training

  • Scoutbook now imports Youth Protection Training for youth once a day. The status is shown on the Scout’s training page. An upcoming enhancement to Roster Builder will display YPT status for both adults and youth."


Some youth (ex: camp staff) are required to take the same YPT that adult leaders take. This is the YPT that is being imported into Scoutbook.

We will get the wording changed on the youth training page. Thanks for pointing it out.

I assume this is also for adults who are program youth, i.e. Venturers and Explorers who are 18+. Not being a member of such a unit, I’m not sure how they show up in the system, but it’s certainly a necessary feature.

“This guide was developed to support Youth Protection training in a facilitated classroom setting for adult volunteers, registered leaders, and professionals in all BSA programs. The training is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. This training is designed to help adults recognize, respond to, and report suspected cases of child abuse.“

Seems inconsistent for staff under 18.

Well my daughter took YPT online for her crew when she joined and again as a part of camp staff. Both due to mixed gender in both environments. If there is an issue with it then do take that issue up with National.

My daughter had to take it at 15 to serve on camp staff as well.

I’m just pointing out National’s own inconsistency. They are saying it isn’t for those under 18. They don’t seem to mean it.

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