1. Separate Cub and Boy Scout logs, 2.Get leader approval

  1. It would be helpful if the Service Logs, Camping logs and Hiking logs differentiated the Boy Scout hours from the Cub Scout hours.
    2a. It would be great if we could use SB as the “official log” for service, camping and hiking logs. We can only do this if entries required a leader’s approval such as with advancement requirements in the “needs approval report”.
    2b. If this is not possible, how about if it shows who entered in the log, as it does with entered advancement.

There are updates to the logs that will include the ability to approve entries currently in development. We do not have a target release date.

The logs belong to the Scout, not the unit, as such they are not architected to separate Cub Scout vs. Scouts BSA. We recommend prefixing Cub Scout log titles with CS, Cubs, etc. to make them easily identifiable.

The Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts join date fields are used to filter out Cub Scout camping in the OA Eligibility Report.