Bsa Scout activity logs continue to show cubscout camping, hiking and service hours

After bridging into BSA Scouts, I am still seeing cub scout activity. Should those cub hours purge? Or do they count in BSA Scouting?

On the flip side, If I want to get back to my Scouts cub scout advancement record, can I . I am thinking towards eagle court of Honors for those eagles who started as Lions. Can I show the whole trail of advancement from 5-18?



A Log is a Log. All of those can count towards some Scout BSA Items (Like NOAA). All you have to do is use a date range to limit what you see.


Not graphically. You can pull reports using the Cub Scout/Scouts BSA History reports from the scout’s Scoutbook “homepage” under Reports. Registered leaders have additional access points, but aren’t able to graphically display the information, either.

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thanks. So I understand, camping hours earned in cub scouts count towards BSA scouting rank? Same with service hours? We had a pack that did a lot of service and I recorded all that service and camping in the logs. My son is now a scout, and the folks recording the activity are questioning the amount of service and camping hours on my sons profile. I just want to come prepared with ht correct answers.

Unfortunately, that is a program question and (despite knowing the answer), we have been instructed to point you to your council for clarification.

No, but nights of camping, miles hikes, and some service hours can count towards certain awards, such as the National Outdoor Awards.

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