Accessing Commissioner Tools

Love the new dashboard look. But where did commissioner tools go?

Appears I can still access through the legacy dashboard.

I had to fiddle with the “level” in the bottom of the left side menu to see my unit-level interface. Try switching yours to the council- or district-level (not sure where commish shows up) to see if that populates it in the left-side menu.

No, commissioner tools does not show up under my district-level organization where I expected to see it. I do see Council Membership Tools there so assume this is just a bug that slipped through testing.

Bummer. I was hoping that was it. I’m not a commish so I was not expecting to see a district level in my account.

Reported to BSA IT for correction.


Just tested, and the matter has been resolved. Please log out and log back in again to see the update.

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Confirmed now working as expected. Thank you!

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