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Activity Log Additions: Cycling, Aquatics

A previous request was to add Cycling to the Activity logs. I would suggest the Activity Log reflect the National Outdoor Awards and includes Riding and Aquatics and then categorize the activities into Cycling, Swimming, Canoeing, Rowing, Snorkeling, etc. Service events can include categories like Conservation, Community Service, etc. and Camping Activity can include categories such as High Adventure, Summer Camp, etc. By adding categories to the 5 Major Activities : Hiking, Camping, Riding, Aquatics and Service everything could be type coded underneath. It would be nice if the BSA recognized Cooking as a National Outdoor Award, the BSA tools and techniques for fire building, cooking, planning, etc. are worthy of an Award and many chefs start their careers cooking as Scouts.

There are open proposals to update the logs in Scoutbook. At this time we do not know when they will be scheduled for development.

Awesome - thanks for the insight Ed. I cannot imagine how many updates you have as Scoutbook becomes a primary platform for the BSA. Modern web apps are complex undertakings so thank you for doing this - it makes managing the program substantially easier.

-C. Daly

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