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Add a link to the Feature Assistant info inside Scoutbook events

I just spent 20 minutes writing an email that didn’t sound very scout-like. I hesitated because it was so unscoutlike and thankfully, I didn’t send it. Well, here’s a snippet for curious minds:

“We have been using Scoutbook for 4 years for our pack. Each August when I go to put in all our events, I curse quite a bit. Why oh why can’t we set up recurring events or duplicate events is what I’m thinking each year as I click over 15 times to add one simple event. (4 years!!)…”

So after writing that venting email, I thought I should come to this forum and see what others are saying about the calendar. What do I find??? A Chrome Add-on that adds these features to my events!! Holy moly! I nearly fell out of my chair.

Back to my suggestion. Could you add a little link inside the event tool for anyone like me that did not know about this Feature Assistant? Just a little link near where you select the date/time that says Need recurring events? Information on our Feature Assistant.

I will “do my best” to be more scoutlike in thought and action today. Cheers!

The only issue I can see with doing that is that the Feature Assistant Extension is a user-created and supported (thanks @GaryFeutz!) tool, that isn’t officially supported by the BSA. That said, I’d love to see more visible pointers to the FAE.


So frustrating that they don’t see how important the calendar is. It was very hard to get our pack to use Scoutbook because of the calendar. And then if you want parents to actually log on to Scoutbook, you can’t have separate calendars or things to figure out. It just doesn’t work. Thank you, and yes, thank you Gary!

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