Calendar - add new scouts feature assistant bug

Can you tell me if/when this will be fixed - and when it will become a standard part of scoutbook. It is a serious issue to not be able to bulk add new scouts to all events on the calendar. Not only is it extremely time consuming for our volunteers (our calendar is posted for through December on Scoutbook), when we miss adding people to events, our scouts lose out.

@KristaHolmes - i trust you realize that the Feature Assistance is written by a volunteer. And this should have circled back to the feature assistant topic.

I do, however it should not be an add-on feature. It should be part of the application.

@KristaHolmes - it should along with a number of other things. That however will wait on resources.

I understand - Friendly reminder, this is a high impact issue for the units. a solution would save units a lot of time, which we could use towards our programming. Thanks!

The BSA has plans to implement a new calendar some day. I wouldn’t expect to see this feature until then at the earliest. This is on the list of features we suggested be included, but we do not know if it will be in the final feature list.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Have a great day!

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